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Today, in the app development world, you hear people talking about different cross-platforms and how important they are? The advancement of technology has really boosted the mobile apps development industry unwrapping a whole new lot of platforms for quick, easy and compatible solutions. This has proven to be more beneficial to many companies, businesses and individuals. Nevertheless, among the various cross platforms, PhoneGap has emerged as the best resource for cross-platform app development.

PhoneGap is an open source framework that is widely used for building cross platform mobile apps. Enabling app developers to create natively installed mobile apps on multiple platforms using standard web-based technologies, it removes the necessity to learn new languages. PhoneGaps empowers developers for using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3 for building unique and creative apps. Taking this advantage, they can leverage their skills on the common platform, rather than a device specific programming language. Phonegap is the perfect technology for those who are looking for single codebase to target multiple devices.

When it comes to PhoneGap APIs (Application Programming Interface), they are quite easy and simple to utilize compared to HTML5 functions. Thus, apps built on them are more advanced compared to normal HTML mobile websites. Utilizing its various APIs, developers build apps on this cross-platform framework, which can be easily linked to the various hardware of the smartphone such as accelerometer, camera or compass. Moreover, PhoneGap apps can be developed similar to native apps. Nevertheless, the best part of PhoneGap development is that the applications built have gained huge popularity in the various app stores such as iTunes, Google Play and Windows Store. Thus, any specific app developed on this platform can run on any mobile platform.

PhoneGap developer can cater to the needs of various mobile platforms encompassing Android, Windows 8, iOS, Bada, WebOS, Blackberry OS and Symbian. With its special tools, it can even add a wide variety of features to the cross-platform app.

Digging deeper, PhoneGap SDK brings forth a large variety of app interfaces to the developers to handle the particular mobile feature. Some of the usual mobile hardware APIs supported by this platform are as follows:

  • Accelerometer API
  • Geolocation API
  • Storage API
  • Compass sensor API
  • Connection API
  • Media API
  • Globalization API
  • And several others.

These different PhoneGap APIs are platform specific, thus for creative apps development, a specific platform SDK has to be installed. This SDK empowers programmers with a wide range of tools and libraries that are essential for developing, testing and debugging app for the particular mobile platform.

Sufficing the needs of various mobile platforms, PhoneGap development is the right solution for multi platform app development. Well, with this platform, developers can quickly build cross-platform apps for various sectors such as business, entertainment, games and social media. Thus, this is the best technology if you are looking for your app to run on multiple mobile platforms and boost your business.

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